Student Property

Verbatim translation
                Vision : CMU’s graduates should be devoted to their practice, they should be knowledgeable in their expertise and should be able to control their life properly. They should be self-controlled in living with others, and work with a sense of morality for our society.
                Desired Qualities of Chiang Mai University Graduates
1. Moral / Ethical
2. Academic and Vocational excellence
3. Patriotic / Sense of belonging to the organization
4. Self-sufficient / Dedicated
5. Patient / polite / Respectful
6. Social Leader / Be able to live appropriately in society
7. Care taker for others
8. The ability to use knowledge to solve problem systematically / have the desire to do the good thing
9. The ability to adopt, adapt and improve as circumstances change to improve our country’s competency

Outcome of the desired qualities of Chiang Mai University Graduates
(1) Improving the quality of life / Self-sufficiency / Sustained happiness
(2) Development of the economy and society of our country

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