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Asst.Prof.Dr. Charnnarong Srisuwan
Email : channarong.sri@cmu.ac.th
Tel : 053-942801
Asst.Prof. Ronawee Suwantamalee
Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs and Human Resource Development
Email : ronawee.s@cmu.ac.th
Tel : 053-942833

Asst.Prof.Dr. Yuttana Tongtuam
Associate Dean for Research and Foreign Affairs
Email : yuttana.t@cmu.ac.th
Tel : -
Lect. Karn Khamkaew
Assistant Dean for Special Affairs and Cooperate Communications
Email : karn.khamkaew@cmu.ac.th
Tel : 053-942825 Ext.118

Dr. Rattapong Angkasith
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Professional Relations Association
Email : rattapong.a@cmu.ac.th
Tel : 053-942833
Asst.Prof. Kawin Wongwigkarn
Head : Center of Architectural Research and Academic Services
Email : kawin.w@cmu.ac.th
Tel : 053-942825-8 Ext.102

Lect. Taweesak Kaittiweerasak
Head : Architectural Design and Consultant Center
Email : taweesak.k@cmu.ac.th
Tel : 053-942802
Asst.Prof.Dr. Chaowalid Saicharoent
Chair : Department of Architecture
Email : chaowalid.s@cmu.ac.th
Tel : 053-942825-26 # 104

Mrs. Pattra Chandratit
Email : pattra.ch@cmu.ac.th
Tel : 053-942973

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