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Semester 1/2008
Final project
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Studio 2 Final Project
First Semester, 2008

“Space + Verb + Adjective = …
A Narrative of Programe [in Architecture]”

The final project is a task that ask student to investigate some factors that formulate architectural programe and the need for architectural space. Student will understand some factors in association to architecture that leads to the final programe of the architectural type of building.
If one thinks about architectural space which functions in respond to human behaviors and needs, one would have started to see the reality and power of architecture to real uses and acts. The final project will ask each student to use the single space project and start develop the narrative scenario/or situation with the particular acts of human being (so-called “Verb”). The scenario/or situation of human acts will require the related space to function each one’s acts and, without doubt, this functional space itself has to deal with human perception in particular way (so-called “Adjective”).
As one can easily recall an English class;
“He sits comfortably outside the terrace.”
Verb = to sit
Adjective = comfortably

The consequent challenged questions are as follows;
- How can architect creatively imagine a narrative of space?
- How can architect understand any situations calling for the useful space i.e. functional space?
- How those two can be both logical and creative reasons for architectural programe?
- And finally, how these three become an interesting architectural outcome?
It is the task in this final project of this first semester to explore, investigate and experiment towards the great ideas for architecture. The group master will help student to develop his or her ideas and to answer those questions and finally to summarize the main good reasons and programe for final architectural design solution. The solution in this sense means the project should be related to real narrative of space in any real situations that architecture should solve and be part of the better situations. No dream world of fictions, assumption, comedy, and fairy tales in this task!

Conditional facts
1) The programe should relate to the building area between 100 to 200 square meters.
2) Relate to the need of situated acts (Verb) and the narrative control ideas (Adjective).
3) Between 1-3 floors
4) The site that wisely selected has its potential reasons to support the project.
5) Should relate (in any issues conceptually, methodological, subject or details) to the Single Space project of Mid-term assignment.
6) Real details and materials for possible construction phase.
7) Budget is free considering factor (some proposed programe may have to think about it).

Schedule and integrated time table of 3 main subjects in studio 2

Week 10 Class Discussion: Human Behavior and Programming in Architecture ****New Group selection
Program Organization and Design Development
Review PIN-UP 01 (Friday 08 August )

Week 11 - 12
Week 13 - Design Development
Week 14 - Review of Exhibition (Monday 1 September)
- Design Development
(***LAB STRUCTURE 03, 04)
Week 15 - Design Development and Production week
Production week
Review PIN-UP 02 (Monday 08 September )

Deadline of project submission
Sunday 14 September at 18.00 p.m.
Week 16 - Final Presentation
Monday 15 to Friday 19 September 2008

Final works:
- Conceptual plate
- Site plan or Lay-out 1 : 200
- Plan (every floors) 1 : 100
- Elevation (4 sides) 1 : 100
- Section (at least 2) 1 : 100
- Detail design (at least 1 in appropriated scale)
- Model 1:100
- 1 page summary of idea and work (in A4 size five copies, one in English)