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Semester 1/2007
Meditation Space
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“Space for Meditation” Project
How can we create a spatial organisation for
“Meditation + Sacred Atmosphere + Temple Environment”
What is the MEDITATION?, What is the meaning of and reason for meditating?, What kind of space, function and environment that meditation requires?, How does it relate to the site and Temple?

Subject of study: Architectural space, Human condition, Hidden dimension and Relationship between them.

A space for meditation which are flexible for a single person as well as a group meditation (up to 10 persons). You need to think about its spatial organisation and learn everything about meditation. Trying to make sure that the subject is embedded in your understanding. The project requires an area for up to 10 persons, a kind of enclosure space that can create such a great atmosphere for meditating (Sitting, walking, reclining, standing…etc.). Also, this can protect its space and atmosphere against all sorts of environmental conditions such as rain, sunshine, big wind storm, Heat…etc. The design has to show this quality as well as reflecting the identity of the place (a Buddhist temple in Lanna region).

The relationship to Lanna community and the temple structure can be considered as a condition for design thinking process where contemporary life-style, knowledge and culture are combined and created at its degree of innovative and interactive meditation space.

Selection of five temples. Choose one site and work on it. There will be a group presentation of each
Five temples. Student have to think about the size of the space and the location within the temple.

1) Wat Jed Yod
2) Wat Lok Molee
3) Wat U-Mong
4) Wat Rum Perng
5) Wat Sri Soda

§Ò¹·ÕèµéͧÊè§ Requirement:

Session 1) Hand-out and meditation practicing
Session 2) Program and Site Analysis (Group Presentation)
Session 3) Conceptual design/group discussion
Session 4) Lecture 5 and Preliminary Design/group discussion
Session 5) Free for 5th year Pre-Thesis review
Session 6) Design Development
Session 7) Final Discussion and Presentation

Final works: (Submission date: Mon 16th July 2007 at 12.00)
- Conceptual plate
- Site plan or Lay-out
- Plan (every floors)
- Elevation (4 sides)
- Section (at least 2)
- Detail design (at least 1)
- Model 1:100
- 1 page summary of idea and work (in A4 size five copies, one in English)