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Semester 1/2008
801214 Architectural Design Studio I.
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Teaching Procedure: First Semester Assignments & Term Project

This year, the studio will focus on the Theme of “Memory”. There will be three phases along the semester period. As it is an integrated Syllabus, there will be two other classes integrated with Studio as a core of teaching and learning. The trip by History class will be integrated with Studio as well as the Laboratory schedule from Principle structure class which will be considered as part of the studio work.
The studio will be a core place to allow the student to work, experience and experiment with tutors (both from Studio and other integrated classes). An abstract thinking process will release the student’s conventional way of designing space and the use of space in relation to the human condition both physically and symbolically.
There are six issues of interpretation in accordance with the Theme i.e. “MEMORY” by six tutors (Ajarns). Student will spend the first three weeks exploring with three chosen tutors based on their interests. This will provide a general views of different ways (from each of three Ajarns) towards the Abstract thinking and this will link to, secondly, the development of the abstraction to a conceptual idea of single space in relation to students’ development process and methods. Thirdly, it is the phase when the relationship of these processes and conceptual thinking are considered with the conditions of Human behavior and its spatial relations. Then, the student can express their ideas and develop their proposed spatial design in various program and techniques in order to initiate his or her unique and individual final design Project.

Term works and Projects

This year, the Second-year studio will have one project in relation to small developing works along the three stages.
The Works as followed:
1) The works from each of three groups
2) The conceptual single space presentation
3) The assignment works from the field trip (both from History class and a trip abroad)
4) Final studio project presentation
5) The path of thought expression work


:Framework of Interpretations
(three weeks of exploration with Tutors)

1) Presentations by six Tutors (Ajarns) towards the Theme of “MEMORY”
2) Three tutors to be chosen based on each one interest
3) Working in one week with chosen tutor (one week for one (of three) group, then change to the send and third accordingly). Student will work with Tutors regarding tutors’ way of exploring process and methods.
4) Presentation: Conceptual idea of a single space based on what student has been explored for three weeks with three selected groups.


Assignment and the Field Trip

Field Trip Project:
a trip in Northern part of Thailand (related to the History class) and the trip abroad (optional two to three routes; Luang Pra Bang, Angkor Wat or Sri Lanka)
Reference to Aj. Ratha and six Tutors
Brief details:
(Referring to separated hand-out)
(there will be an exhibition of the trip at the Faculty Exhibition Hall)



Development from “a single space of interpretation on Memory” to the program of architectural space.
By Area Requirement and limited numbers of area summary.
Free selection according to chosen main tutor in the group.
Brief details:
(Referring to separated hand-out)