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Semester 1/2008
MId-Term Assignment
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How can we create a spatial organisation for >>>>Someone to remember????????????????
What is the Space for Remembrance?,
What is the meaning of and reason for remember in space?,
What kind of space, function and environment that allows human to remember or recall his/or her memory?,
How does it relate to the architectural Vocaburary?

Subject of study: A Single Space, Subjective Interpretation, Quality of Space and Memory


An Interpretation for A single Space for Rememberance.

1) Student is asked to carefully pick up a subject/or object from the History Class in order to start using it as a Source of Starting point.
2) Creating the space which are flexible for a single person (or up to 5 persons). The area of space shall not oversize of 10x10 metre. You need to think about its spatial organisation using the architectural vocaborary to creat such a single space.
3) Trying to make sure that the subject is embedded in your interpretation. The project requires an area for up to 5 persons, a kind of (semi) enclosure space that can create such a great atmosphere effective to the subject of memory.
4) The site is free to choose and propose to Ajarn in each group.

Deadline of Mid-Term Assignment: Sunday 18.00 pm.

Final works:
- Conceptual plate (Selected Subject from History Class)
- Site plan or Lay-out 1:100
- Plan (every floors) 1: 50
- Elevation (4 sides) 1: 50
- Section (at least 2) 1: 50
- Detail design (at least 1 in appropirated scale)
- Model 1: 25
- 1 page summary of idea and work (in A4 size five copies, one in English)