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Activity : Congratulatory Ceremony for FACMU Graduates

Date : Jan 21, 18
Place : Faculty of Architecture

On the 21st of January 2018 at 04.30 - 08.00 p.m., Faculty of Architecture, Chiang Mai University (FACMU) had organized a congratulatory ceremony for FACMU graduates batch 18 and master graduates batch 12. Assistant Professor Dr. Charnnarong Srisuwan, Dean of Faculty of Architecture, had given a welcoming speech, following by a speech from Dr. Rattapong Angkasith, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Professional. This year, FACMU had gotten an honor from Professor Dr. Masao Furuyama, President of Kyoto Institute of Technology who received an Honorary Doctoral Degree in Architecture to give a congratulatory speech to graduates. Associate Professor Rome Chiranukrom, Acting Vice President for International Relations and Alumni Affairs, the representative of FACMU graduates' parents and Mr. Issara Areerob, president of FACMU Alumni Associate had also given a congratulatory speech to graduates. There were shows from students of each year in the ceremony at FACMU circle ground as well.

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