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Activity : Faculty of Architecture, CMU Students Won Third Prize in the International Bamboo Construction Competition in Guangzhou, China

Date : Dec 8, 18
Place : Guangzhou Nansha Bird Park, Guangzhou, China

Students team from the Faculty of Architecture CMU led by Assistant Professor Karn Khamkaew and Lecturer Poom Subpaiboonkit, lectures of the Faculty of Architecture won the third prize in "Guangdong-Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay and ASEAN International Colleges and Universities Construction Competition and Forum & Tianhua Bamboo Design and Construction 2018" at Guangzhou Nansha Bird Park, Guangzhou, China on December 8, 2018.

This construction was designed and built at Guangzhou Nansha Bird Park on October 22-26, 2018. The team includes 10 students, which are Mr. Prachakorn Wanta, Mr. Chanawee Saiyudthong, Miss Ubonporn Manussiripen, Mr. Nattawat Khamkong, Mr. Sippakorn Sornpingkum, Mr. Kiattisak Wongchaiya, Mr. Pongsathorn Ngurnngam, Miss Pitchaporn Khirikaew, Mr. Staryu Sankham, and Mr. Suthangkul Kabkhum.

The bamboo construction is named "Arun-naree." The structure of it derives from the fluttering birds’ feather in contact with the wind. The flexibility of bamboos also invigorates the whole structure pieces by allowing resilience movement and with the combination of birds’ feather notion, the whole design represents vigorous feathers and lively birds in Nansha Bird Park.

The birds’ feather bamboo structure utilizes Thailand’s local wisdom by employing its indigenous knowledge of bamboo joineries, hand-prepared materials, binding and strapping methods without nails or screws. The methods of which were used predominantly around northern region of Thailand where the knowledge not only allows the structure to move unreluctantly but also representing our humbly regard towards the organism of nature at our utmost respect.

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