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Activity : Teacher's Day 2019

Date : Aug 15, 19
Place : Faculty of Architecture

The Faculty of Architecture had organized "Teacher's Day 2019". It is the day students pay respect to teachers and teachers welcome all 1st year students to the Faculty of Architecture, Chiang Mai University. Lect. Liam Theerutthanondha, the head of the ceremony, together with Assistant Professor Dr. Charnnarong Srisuwan, the Dean, administrative board, professors, staff, and all students attended this event on August 15, 2019 at 4.30 p.m. This year, the Faculty of Architecture has won first prize in the Ceremonial Pedestal Trays Contest 2019 in the category of creativity. The faculty pedestal tray was designed with the inspiration from the art and architecture of Chiangmai during the period of B.E. 2427 - 2518. The period was the commercial period, where the Thais trade with foreigners, the architecture shown was in the style of colonial and modern. Combining colors and patterns with truss structure like Khua Lek (Iron Bridge) and train station combined with Bo-Sang umbrella handicraft, the pedestal tray was creatively designed in a form of Chiangmai modern sculpture though the use of materials and craftsmanship of flowers and bee wax.