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Untitled Document Hai Van Thi Dinh
ûءѡǧ¡Ѻ͡ẺԷȹ ѺûԺѵԪҪվʶһѵ¡㹻µ
Feng Shui Application and Landscape Design for Architectural Practice in Viet Nam

» Ѳǧѹ
Ƿҧäͧôҧʶһѵ¡鹶Ҥ˹ԧسФѡɮշҧѭԷ: ó֡ ٻẺʶһѵ¡ Ẻ ¹Ẻ çԹ¹ §
Guidelines for Northern Thai Architectural Heritages Conservative Strategies: Using Semiology to explore the transformation of Value and Meaning in Architectural Forms of Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi Hotel, Chiang Mai.

Villaymone Phongsavath
The Influence of Moral and Belief in Architecture: case study Laolums Traditional House in the Heritage Area of Luagprabang

Ѫó ԭ
þѲ԰͹յ˹ѡҼһѹ : Development of Lightweight Concrete Masonry Unit Using Oil Palm Ash

Nguyen Ngoc Tung
ѲҡС¹ŧͧҹǹ鹶ͧ ´
The Study on Formation and Transformation of Traditional Garden House, Hue, Vietnam

ԵԪ ͧԧ
Ƿҧ຺͡Ҥ÷ѡѡͧͻ ѧѴͧ͹

ûء鹷Ѵʶҹѡ͹͹ ó֡ ѴǴ֧
Utilizing Open Space in Temple for Recreation: A Case of Wat Dawadueng, Chiang Mai

ѵ س
ǷҧþѲҾ鹷ҧѧҡ֡ҷҧǧ͹ж㹪 ҹ㹔 . ͧ .§
Guidelines for Spatial Development for Social Activities from Study a Space of Kuang Hueans (Semi Public Space) and Streets in Baan Den Nai Community, Chiang Mai

ҧҾǴѺҹҢͧ硻ж 㹨ѧѴ§
Appropriate Spaces and Environments for Lanna Traditional Games for Early Primary School in Chiang Mai.

.. Թ ԷԾѹ
ǷҧþѲͧСͺԧ鹷 ѧ ҾǴҾ Ҵ͡ §
Guidelines of Physical and Social Elements for Promoting the Physical Environment of Tonlamyai Flower Market, Chiang Mai

¨ѹԹ Եԡ
鹷觡ë͹ӾҧͧҹѹԸ ѧѴ§
"Closet Space" of Gay Show Bars in Santitham Area, Chiang Mai

ҧó õѲ
ҧкʹ͡ûѺاҾᾧЪǽ ͧ ѧѴ§
Building Up Information System for Physical Development of Kampang-Ngam and Hua Fai Communities, Mueang District, Chiang Mai Province

ҧѰ حͧ
ǷҧûѺاҾǴСèѴԹСѡҹǤԴâҧ׹: ó֡ࢵ֡ǹѡ Է§
Environmental Improvement and Management Guidelines for Promoting Walking and Biking with Sustainable Transportation: A Case Study of Suan Sak Campus, Chiang Mai University

ѲҡâͧèѴͧСͺдѺͧࢵͧʧ .. 2379 - 2483
Transformation of Urban Elements in the Old Town Area of Songkhla (1836 - 1940 AD.)

¡ͺ ѡѹ
The Continuity of Kad Luang Central Market Area in Dynamics of Change Within Chiang Mai City

³Ѱ ͧԷҹó
Development Guidelines for Physical Public Space in Chiang Saen Old City

ǷҧûѺاҤü¹ͧ͡çҺŪ ¡ѡǴ͵͡㹨ѧѴ§
Design Guidelines to Improve out Patient Building of Community Hospitals by Using Principles of Healing Environment

¸ĵ ѹè
A Guideline for Lifting Houses Along Yom River in Phitsanulok Province to Much Higher Elevations

ҧԹ ػ
Եʧҡѧ͹鹶 ó֡͹鹶Ң ҹѧ ѧѴ§
Phenomenon of Natural Light Formed by the Pattern of Bamboo Wall: The Case Study of Arka Vernacular Architecture

蹪ͺҹعҾͧҾǴdzҪѧ ´
The Preferences in the Aesthetics of the Environment in front of the Hue Citadel, Vietnam

蹪ͺ ٻҹ˹Ҥõ֡ͧӻҧ
The Preferences of Lampang Shophouses' Façades

ҧǡҭҶ ͧ»Է
鹷Ҹóͧ§: óաҴɵêʹþ 2 §
Using Public Spaces in Muang Chiang Mai: The Case of Organic Agriculture Community Morning Market Thanon 2 Chiang Rai

»Ҫ һ԰
ÿ鹿پ鹷Զҧä: ó֡ҡûѺاçþҳԪ¡ ѧѴ§
Creative Rehabititation of Degraded Sites: The Case Study of Dilapidated Commerce Project on Tha Phae Road, Chiang Mai

ҧԵ ʡ
ʶһѵ¡鹶 С¹ŧ㹾鹷Ҥ˹͵͹
Vernacular Architecture of Lahu and the Change in Upper Northern Areas

سѡɳТͧѴླչ㹨ѧѴ¹ ´: ó֡ Ѵѧٻ
The Traditional Characters of Hue Temple in Thua Thien Hue Province, Vietnam: Case Study of Square Plan (Khau)

ҧҧ ǧѹ
A Guideline for Arranging Solar Reflectors to Enhance Electrical Productivity of Photovoltaic Installed on Roofs

ҧԭ ʴ
֡Ǵ͡ҵ֧㨢ͧ ó֡ͼ⸻մԡ çҺҪ§
A Study of The Healing Environment From as Satisfaction by Patients, Case Study Orthopedic Care Unit, Maharaj Nakorn Chiangmai Hospital

ҧó ǧѡɳѹ
÷ͺѺٻҹ˹Ҥê-õءʺҧ ѧѴ
Perception Test of Façades of Sino-Portuguese Building on Thaland Road, Phuket Province

ҧԵ Ҵ
Approximated Column Size for Residential Building Design in Chiang Mai City to Withstand Earthquakes

ѭоĵԡõҤ ҹࢵͧ ѧѴ§ ǷҧͧѹõҤ
Problems and Behavior of the Addition of a Townhouse Building in the City of Chiang Mai to Find Ways to Prevent the Addition of a Building

ҧԵ ͺѭԨ
ôѴŧʴآТǴӴʵԡ㹡ûѺاѧҹѡ㹪Ѵ: ó֡Ҫҹǽ ѧѴ§
The Modification of Plastic Water Bottles Waste to Improve of Slums Housing Façade.

öмѧẺ㹡ûѺاкҡ㹵֡Ǣͧ໭ ʵͧԧ
Trombe Wall Performance in Ventilation Improvement in Phnom Penh Row House by CFD Software

¸പ չ
ûԹسҾͧҾǴͧԡ 㹾鹷ԡἹá˭ԧ ҤبԳ çҺҪ§
An Evaluation of Environment Quality from Users' Views in Female Medicine Ward of Suchinno Building Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital

Թ ء
ѵͧԻѭ͹鹶 ҧ蹡Դͧǧ ԺͧѹҡѺҹǧ˹ ҹǧ ʹ ѧѴ§
Dynamic of Wisdom in Tai Lue Vernacular House Between Origin Areas in Mueng Luang, Xishuangbanna and Baan Luang Nua Baan Luang Tie, Doi Saket, Chiangmai

ҧԵ ʴ
öʹ¹ԻѭҢͧ͹鹶˭ ҹź ѧѴͧ͹
Lessons Learnt from Vernacular Wisdom in Tai Yai House Adaptation in Baan Mae Samlap, Maehongson

ҧ ˧ͧ
Aesthetics Preferences of Physical Environment on Tapae Road

¾ô ǧ
鹷ѺѵѡɳͧǺ㹶 ѧѴ§
Places and Identities of Female Bar Worker in Loikroh Road, Chiang Mai Province

ظ ح
Patterns of Vihara in Phayao Province