Aiming to achieve international recognition through the advancement of local wisdom
To fulfill Chiang Mai University’s Pledge by being the leader in architectural studies of Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS)
To be the leader among architectural schools in ASEAN by advancing international recognition of local wisdom.
[Complies with that of the university's by]
  • - Providing excellence in architectural education and equality of educational opportunity, producing strongly-qualified, ethically-minded graduates.
  • - Developing research and innovation focusing on (and advancing?) local knowledge, while integrating high-technology applications, to serve local communities and advance international recognition of local wisdom.
  • - Providing excellence in academic and architectural services to serve local communities and related sectors on the regional and national level.
  • - Revitalizing and maintaining local arts and culture while creating new innovations based on local wisdom.
  • - Ensuring quality in management and service in order to deliver effectiveness, efficiency/excellence and transparency through the principles of good governance.
  • Value
    Promoting learning and self-development with a moral and ethical context
    • 1) Producing qualified graduates in the field of Architecture that are recognized as proficient - both academically and professionally - by the local society and overseas.
    • 2) Researching and promoting innovation in architecture and building technology deploying local/regional knowledge that are recognized to the international standard.
    • 3) Providing an academic service as well as architectural design & consultancy services that perfectly fits different levels of local society.
    • 4) Maintaining the essence and existence of local culture and tradition in arts and architecture as well as the local heritage and the environment.
    • 5) Managing all the faculty’s resources effectively and to a high standard in order to carry out its mission, achieve sustainable progress and fulfill its vision.

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