Creative Lanna Innovation Center (CLIC)

ศูนย์นวัตกรรมล้านนาสร้างสรรค์ (CLIC)

Faculty of Architecture, Chiang Mai University


Creative Lanna Innovation Center (CLIC)
The Creative Lanna Innovation Center is the nurturing and development area for Lanna intellectuals that inspire creative experimental dimensions which lead to new dimensional innovations that deeply connect to the creative nature of the old Lanna knowledge. The role of this center is to accelerate the creator in the Faculty of Architecture to promote their works and to acquire patents for those works. Also, the center is expected to produce innovators while supporting them in several ways such as an experimental area, and Artisan Maker Space, which allows the users to explore tools and technologies from the past and the future, to encourage the users to have a connection with the creative innovation organizations in Chiang Mai, and to develop the innovations into a business through spin-off and start-up.

Seminar | Workshop | CMU Lifelong Education

A short course and workshop that supports education through lectures and workshops with various knowledge, for instance: creative bamboos, materials innovations, communication through images, lights and architectural practices, and more. The course is supported by several organizations such as INNO-FAB CMU, and the Association of Siamese Architects Nationals (Lanna Branch).

Artisan Maker Space

It is the space that inspires the understandings of Lanna intellectuals through the creative experimental laboratory that has tools, devices, and atmospheres of the eastern world that motivates the students to work and to learn by doing by themselves; these help them deeply understand the cultural roots of craftsmanship before their lateral thinking.

Spinoff + Startup CMU

The Spinoff + Startup CMU is the group, which makes a creative team as a form of an enterprise, gathered by university students, alumnus and professors who intend to improve the innovations in order to further the innovations to be the commercial products supported by STeP and ANG KAEW HOLDING COMPANY.


  • Association of Siamese Architects (Lanna)
  • INNO-FAB CMU: The Robotic and Automation Engineering Club, Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering, and Fabrication Lab
  • CMU STeP: Science and Technology Park, Chiang Mai University
  • KIC (Knowledge and Innovation Center): Knowledge and Innovation Center, College of Art, Media and Technology, Chiang Mai University


Assistant Professor Dr.Burin Tharavichitkun
Associate Professor Dr.Watcharapong Chumduang
Assistant Professor Dr.Thirayut Inthachak
Assistant Professor Dr.Umpiga Shummadtayar
LecturerWarong Wonglangka
Assistant ProfessorKarn Khamkaew

Creative Lanna Innovation Center (CLIC) Staff

Sureerat Sangprateep
Academic Services Officer
Pichitchai Jaipanya