Bachelor of Architecture Program

หลักสูตรสถาปัตยกรรมศาสตรบัณฑิต หลักสูตร 5 ปี


Program Description

Bachelor of Architecture Program (5-year Program) encourages study and architectural research by logical thinking and creative critical thinking, encourage the learner to discover his or her unique architectural ability to develop into the highest individual wisdom with a holistic integrated learning approach. Both theory and practice, academic and professional, modern wisdom and technology. To provide graduates with the ability and a sense of professional ethics of architecture.

Study Plan

1st Year

Creates aesthetic skills into the basic design. Practice of painting, drafting and modeling. Study of fundamental processes in architectural design and perception, especially space and form. Learning of architectural history, basic law, geography, climate, and culture affect design. And learn more with Mathematics, Physics and English.

2nd Year

Creates logical skills into creative design. Study of architectural design process, which focuses on conveying ideas to spaces and function by using rhythms, proportions, and shapes. To develop historical knowledge, philosophy, computer-aided design. Study related professions including architectural structure, materials, construction and English skill.

3rd Year

Creates creative process design skills into applied contemporary design, which focuses on architectural design that can serve more practical applications. Study of architectural engineering system and energies. Enhance the history and practice of Thai and Lanna architectural design practices to create new approaches to contemporary architectural design. Learn to explore, analyze, and plan building areas. Practical construction practice, work control, process and material inspection. Solving problems and obstacles in construction.

4th Year

Creates integrated and professional design skills. Study the process of architectural design of complex functional building. Learning of architecture and community conservation, philosophy and design theory, planning, interior design, professional practice including building control and management, law, internship with a professional architecture office. And research independently on topics of interest related to architecture.

5th Year

Integrates skills into thesis. Comprehend all the knowledge to create and summarize the design of the architecture through research in both academic and architectural professions. And extensive views and experiences with excursions and special events throughout the program.

Tuition Fee

  • 29,000 baht per semester

Career Opportunities

  • Professional architects such as private sector architects and independent architects
  • Construction, construction management and building supervision
  • Instructors in educational institutions
  • Other design work that uses artistic skills, general management and creative management


Program Accreditation

Bachelor of Architecture Program
(Amended Curriculum 2017)

Office of the Higher Education Commission
Acknowledged on February 15, 2017

ref : http://www.mua.go.th/users/bhes/MUA_CURR/CurrCer2.html