Bachelor of Landscape Architecture Program

หลักสูตรภูมิสถาปัตยกรรมศาสตรบัณฑิต (Bachelor of Landscape Architecture Program)


Program Description

The Bachelor of Landscape Architecture Program is the course that aims to preserve and improve local architecture creatively and sustainably for the environment, economy, society, and culture. The principle is to integrate the local identity and architectural knowledge to design and solve issues to blend with the environment uniquely for both nationally and internationally.


Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (B.L.A.)

Type of the course

Undergraduate Degree (5 years program)
Total credits
No less than 168 credits


To produce graduate students

  • To be proficient and expert in setting out and designing landscape both theoretically and practically, and to be able to meet the standard in the profession related to landscape architecture.
  • To be able to think in conservative designs, develop the vernacular landscape architectures to be more remarkable in worldwide, and integrate the local uniqueness with their architectural designs
  • To be able to integrate the architectural knowledge with technologies and design innovations in order to keep the environmental balance as its value and beauty, and to respond to the sustainable development
  • To have moral and ethical behaviors in the future architectural career

Learning Outcomes

  • PLO 1 Plan layouts and design landscape architectures together with other relating fields of study based on professional standards and ethics
  • PLO 2 Think in conservative designs and develop the vernacular landscape architectures to be worldwide
  • PLO 3 Sustainably design and develop architectural designs
  • PLO 4 Be capable of presentation and communication at the international level

Study Plan

Year 1

The first-year students are comprehensible to the basic architectural designs, the basic plan layouts, the basic architectural presentations, and the factors of different spatial contexts in landscape architectures.

Year 2

The second-year students are comprehensible to the building design principles, the fundamental concepts of landscape architecture designs, the ecosystems of different spatial contexts and the environments which reflect the local lifestyle and culture; moreover, the students can integrate the local identity with their landscape architecture designs which are different in spatial contexts, and integrate with technologies and innovations for the appropriateness of their architectural presentation.

Year 3

The third-year students are compensable to the urban landscape architecture designs, the influences of the city people in public spaces, the principles for public space designs, and the designs that are advantageous for all team members.

Year 4

The fourth-year students are able to comprehend the large space planning, design process for landscape ecology’s plan, professional ethics and regulations for large space planning and environmental management. The student will be able to integrate ecology and environmental management knowledge systematically and to have the capability to suitably and sustainably adapt the knowledge in technology and innovation for environment’s analyzation and designation.

Year 5

The fifth-year students do the theses in landscape architecture, planning design process, and presentation for professional purposes. The students will acquire the skills in synthesis thinking, identifying the problems which lead to design and to plan for landscape architecture, developing the knowledge in technology and innovation in planning, designing the landscape architecture for a career in landscape architecture, and presenting the product appropriately for the international market.

Tuition Fee

  • 29,000 baht per semester

Career Opportunities

  • Architect e.g., government architect, private architect, independent architect
  • Contractor, construction management and supervision
  • Professor in academic institution
  • Others (Design, arts, management, and other creativity related career)