Center of Architectural Research & Academic Services


Faculty of Architecture, Chiang Mai University


Center of Architectural Research & Academic Services, Faculty of Architecture, Chiang Mai University
supports and strengthens the research for the staff by creating tools and coordinating with research project managements for the Faculty of Architecture’s professors. These are to drive Chiang Mai University to become a top research university in Thailand; and to contribute and apply the knowledge from the research internationally. The supportive mechanism and research management by the expert professors from the Faculty of Architecture along with the integrated architectural academic management supports from several divisions help to encourage architectural research and academic services for the community, region, and society.

Apart from that, we enhance the research of the professors to be up-to-date, contemporary, and beneficial for the teaching to students. Also, the division aims to advocate the healthy working environment throughout the faculty; to service academic knowledge for the public; to cooperate with several sectors for coping with the problems of the societies, population ageing, disasters, energies and powers, Lanna landscapes, communities, the urban area, and so on in accordance to the UN Sustainable Development Goals; and to promote the advancements of research and academic services, together with the administrative transparency for the sustainable development.

Creative Lanna & SDGs

The aim of the research is to advocate the traditional wisdoms, cultures, and regional understandings from applying the traditional knowledge with the modern technologies, materials, and creative designs in order to be contemporary and international.

SDG Page

  • Goal 3 Good Health and Well-being
  • The aim of the research is to improve good health from the environments and the architectural designs concerned with the appropriate designs regardless of any lifestyles, ages, and health conditions.

  • Goal 7 Affordable and Clean Energy
  • The aim of the research is to save energy and power in which the research supports the energy-efficient designs, alternative energy use, the appropriate material use based on the climates, and the green energy.

  • Goal 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • The aim of the research is to create the sustainable societies, communities, and residences through technologies with the people’s happiness, securities, cultures, and sustainable community developments into consideration.

  • Goal 13 Climate Action
  • The aims of the research are to design for climate change, disasters, topographies, weathers, and unexpected incidents; and to promote people’s abilities and community strengths for coping with the immediate changes in the future.


Center of Architectural Research & Academic Services Staff

Sirinant Pakdee
Research Administrator
Sureerat Sangprateep
Academic Services Officer