Executive Secretary


Faculty of Architecture, Chiang Mai University


Executive Secretary
The Executive Secretary is the unit which is responsible for management supports and coordinating with the tasks for the executive to follow the direction including document review, document preparation both within and outside the organization for further collaboration

Job Description

  1. Coordinate with the tasks for the executive to follow the direction including, reviewing the documents for the executive.
    • Hold a meeting for the dean
    • List the dean’s appointments, prepare documents, and coordinate a shutter
    • Propose the dean documents for consideration
  2. Publish insource and outsource documents
    • Publish official documents including approval letters and conference invitation letters
    • Publish documents directed by the dean to both insource and outsource university
  3. Set up conferences for the executive, the staff of the faculty, and the annual meeting
    • Coordinate with the hotel, the residence, the transportation, and other relating necessities


Natthakarn Amartayakul
Executive Secretary