Finance and Supplies

งานการเงิน การคลัง และพัสดุ

Faculty of Architecture, Chiang Mai University


Finance and Supplies

The Finance and Supplies division supports financial and supplies management in favor to maximize the excellency. It can be divided into 3 units including, finance unit, accounting unit and supplies unit.

Finance Unit
The Finance unit supports financial matters including wage managements, executive allowances, faculty’s expenditures, scholarships, medical supports, and child supports. The unit is also responsible for tracking documents delivery in the MIS system, auditing expense documents, creating invoices in 3D accounting system, supporting research operations, and settling invoices for research and academic projects.

Accounting Unit
The Accounting unit supervises internal revolving money and loan from Chiang Mai University, analyzes monthly and yearly financial statements and expenditures, audits invoices and billing documents (Income and Government Statement of Expenditure), transfers budgets, and reports expenses based on the annual budget plans. Also, the unit has to organize the Faculty of Architecture and the Architectural Design and Consultant Center’s accounts and cash flow statements.

Supplies Unit
The Supplies unit supports land and construction improvements and manages the faculty’s rental areas to support tenants’ welfare and sanitary control. The division also provides supplies and equipment procurements, controls parcel registration, supplies, checks annual supplies, and coordinates with supplies and equipment maintenance.


Finance Unit

  1. Support financial matters
  2. Manage wages for employees and management and academic executive position allowance
  3. Faculty’s expenditure management
  4. Scholarship’s funding management
  5. Medical and Child support’s expenditure management
  6. Note the delivered documents in the document tracking system to the finance division (MIS)
  7. Accurate payment vouchers and set AP invoices in the 3D accounting system
  8. Supporting research operations, accurate payment slips, and settle invoices for research and academic projects.

Accounting Unit

  1. Control the inside current assets and the borrowed money from Chiang Mai University
  2. Analyze both monthly and yearly financial statements
  3. Accurate payment and receipt documents (income budgets and the government statement of expenditure)
  4. Assign budgets and report statements with the annual budget plan
  5. Account the statements and the cash flow projections for the faculty of architecture and the architectural design and consulting center

Supplies Unit

  1. Support land improvements and construction materials
  2. Manage lands to earn money from the faculty’s rental areas for supporting tenants’ welfare and sanitary control
  3. Provide supplies and equipment procurements
  4. Control parcel registration, supplies, and checks annual supplies
  5. Care for faculty’s supplies and equipment maintenance


Kanjana Sirimongkolsub
Finance Officer
Nettaya Chanphen
Accounting Officer
Kemjira Deangaram
Finance Officer
Nuntaporn Priwkham
Amatsaya Prasertsud
Supplies Officer